Photo of Dainon Miles in the YMCA

The Growth Year

Dell Med’s students spend their third year of study effecting change and pursuing passions. Read the next chapter in a four-part series tracking their experiences ›

Who Gets to Look Like a Surgeon?

Only about a third of surgeons are women. But three sit at the top of Dell Med’s residency program, following a trend toward greater representation in the field. ›

Photo of four students in Dell Med's Class of 2022

Another 50 for the Future

Dell Med's third class includes students ages 20-40, boasts a collective 220K+ service hours and is made up of nearly two-thirds women. ›

Illustration of medical residents

Bringing Fresh Perspectives to Health Care Redesign

Dell Med’s Distinction Track in Care Transformation builds in resources for residents to improve care by pursuing solutions to the problems they see on the front lines. ›