Doctor administering care to baby in NICU

Leveraging Data to Aid Vulnerable Babies

Dell Med, UT Austin and Seton Healthcare Family are partnering to predict — and prevent — health complications that commonly arise in premature infants. ›

Boy drinking juice in cafe

Take Away the Juice, Pediatricians Say

Fruit juice has been marketed as a healthy, natural source of vitamins and calcium. But there is no reason to include it in the diets of children less than a year old. ›


How to Predict Cancer

Most researchers focus on the ways cancers — and the people who have them — are similar. For Thomas Yankeelov, there’s hope in the distinctions. ›

Building the Third Hub

Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area are giants in healthcare innovation. Austin is poised to join them by becoming a nerve center for innovation in health, not just health care — and the reality may be closer than you think. ›