Trauma-Informed Care for 800K+ Women Veterans

Women who experience sexual trauma while in the military face crucial gaps in the care they receive afterward. See how one researcher is doing her part to change that. ›

MasSpec pen demonstration

We Can Identify Cancer in Just 10 Seconds

UT Austin researchers developed a cancer-detecting “pen” that allows surgeons to identify cancerous tissue in 10 seconds — 150 times faster than existing technology. ›

An illustration of a rocket, styled as a light bulb

One Plus One Equals 10

Health care professionals identify the problems. In Austin, Dell Med’s Health Product Innovation team finds ways to support the solutions. It’s having what one researcher calls a ‘multiplicative effect.’ ›

Chris Webb

From Discovery to Impact in 5 Years — Not 25

Science as usual is slow. But when it comes to research with the potential to improve health, delays can be a matter of life or death. Solving the problem requires radical collaboration. ›

Doctor administering care to baby in NICU

Leveraging Data to Aid Vulnerable Babies

Dell Med, UT Austin and Seton Healthcare Family are partnering to predict — and prevent — health complications that commonly arise in premature infants. ›