June 2018

From new medical students to physician leaders with decades of experience, learn about how community-focused individuals are impacting the lives of Central Texans.

Another 50 for the Future

Fifty students, ranging in age from 20 to 40. Twenty percent identify with a race or ethnicity underrepresented in medicine, and nearly two-thirds are women. Meet four of Dell Med’s newest future physician leaders.

BY Billi London-Gray & Mary Kincy Cope

One for Austin

Charles Fraser built the top pediatric heart surgery program in the country. Now, he’s readying to do it again, from scratch — and Central Texas and its tiniest, neediest hearts stand to benefit.

BY Mary Kincy Cope

Why ‘Servant Leadership’ Isn’t an Oxymoron

There’s a growing belief that wielding influence from a service role makes teams stronger and more effective. Read an expert’s tips for putting this nontraditional approach to leadership to work.

BY Lourdes J. Rodríguez