March 2017

Good bedside manner starts with ... studying art? Explore the nontraditional way med schools are making future doctors better at observation, empathy and self-care; how physicians are reinventing brain care and habits of effective leaders.

Anatomy, Physiology … & Painting

Today’s medical students are studying art. But why?

BY Camille Mojica Rey

7 Things Leaders Practice

Lessons from a surgeon-turned-executive coach reveal that when it comes to effective leadership, it isn’t what you know. It’s what you do — and what you see.

BY Eddie Erlandson

Expert to Expert: Ginni Rometty, Alex Gorsky & Clay Johnston

CEOs from IBM and Johnson & Johnson talk with the dean of the Dell Medical School about the convergence of health and IT. Know it or not, it’s changing the way you interact with your doctor.

Connecting Moms for Healthy Babies

A group-based program in East Austin is empowering mothers to better care for their children — and themselves.

BY Kristin Tommey

Turning Brain Health on Its Head

What if new technology could help doctors keep patients with Alzheimer’s at home rather than in a hospital? What if early intervention replaced ERs for people in need of mental health care? David Paydarfar and Steve Strakowski are asking those questions.

BY Amy Spiro