March 2018

View examples of how medicine is evolving — a cancer-detecting pen that’s 150 times faster than existing tech, a form of AI that can accurately identify tuberculosis — and meet innovators on the front lines of care.

We Can Identify Cancer in Just 10 Seconds

It’s possible thanks to a new device developed by UT Austin researchers — including a Dell Med student — who received support from Texas Health Catalyst.

BY Kimberly Berger

Today’s Doctors Are an Endangered Species

Artificial intelligence is a threat to the medical profession as we know it. What can be done to save us?

BY Clay Johnston

Bringing Fresh Perspectives to Health Care Redesign

Dell Med’s Distinction Program for Care Transformation gives medical residents time and resources to improve health in their communities. Participants pursue solutions to the problems they see each and every day, on the front lines of care.

BY Hannah Jane Collins