May 2019

Hear from former U.S. Surgeon Gen. Joycelyn Elders, Google Health’s David Feinberg and Sue Cox, chief architect of a new model for med ed making a name for itself in Austin.

Med Ed for the Next Century

In an age of surgical robots and artificial intelligence, how do you create the medical school of the future?

BY Mary Kincy Cope

Practicing What We Teach

Built on the foundation of value in health care, Dell Med’s clinical practice, UT Health Austin, is open for business. But don’t expect business as usual.

BY Mary Kincy Cope

Seeing the System

How does care work in the community around us? Design in health can help reveal what is unseeable — components, connections, dependencies — to foster understanding that's essential for change.

BY José Colucci Jr.

The (Real) Future of Health Care

Google’s David Feinberg and Dell Med’s Clay Johnston sat down at SXSW to explore what it will take for health care to finally embrace technology.

BY John Daigre

Redesigning Austin’s Mental Health System

The Austin State Hospital redesign will transform the outdated, deteriorating facility into a cornerstone for a system of collaborative, community-focused care.

BY Katherine Corley

The Fourth Pillar

Amid a movement toward health, not just health care, a new area of interest is joining academic medicine’s traditional concentrations — and it’s putting people’s lives in focus.

BY Mary Kincy Cope

Trending: Population Health

Via JAMA Network Open, leaders from department-level initiatives across the U.S. weigh in on how academic medicine is embracing population health — and the opportunities med schools have to make an impact.

BY REthink Staff

The ‘Team of Teams’ Approach

Creating an effective team of teams culture is not just about learning to play nicely. It’s about establishing a model for collaborative leadership, actively seeking out partners across organizational boundaries and tearing down walls.

BY Hannah Jane Collins

Joycelyn Elders on ‘Fighting Well’

Paying public health physicians like cardiovascular surgeons. Weathering criticism. Pursuing revolution. Jewel Mullen teams up with REthink to interview a former surgeon general.

BY Mary Kincy Cope

The Business of Improving Health

In health innovation, academia’s ideation is often made real by industry’s execution. An unusual hub embedded at UT Austin enables these vital partnerships.

BY Hannah Jane Collins & Mary Kincy Cope

Beyond Medical History

Data researchers at Dell Med are collaborating with People’s Community Clinic to combat pediatric asthma with a data-driven approach — giving care teams a fuller picture of a child’s health than what a typical electronic health record affords.

BY Shahreen Abedin

Building a World-Class Center for Brain Health

James and Miriam Mulva, two of The University of Texas at Austin’s most generous supporters, saw an opportunity with the rise of Dell Medical School to improve the lives of people affected by brain diseases.

BY REthink Staff

Value-Based Health Care: A Definition

Per capita, the U.S. spends more than any other country on health care, but the investment doesn’t translate to superior health. See how leaders are working to change that.

BY REthink Staff