October 2016

Aiming to predict cancer, help children with pediatric epilepsy and incorporate design into health care — read on for more about how Dell Med is rethinking health care from the ground up.

How to Predict Cancer

Most researchers focus on the ways cancers — and the people who have them — are similar. For Thomas Yankeelov, there’s hope in the distinctions.

BY Stephen Scheibal

Q&A: Brainwork

Nearly half a million children in the U.S. have pediatric epilepsy. What can be done to help them?

BY Kimberly Berger

Building the Third Hub

Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area are giants in health care innovation. Austin is poised to join them by becoming a nerve center for innovation in health, not just health care — and the reality may be closer than you think.

BY M. Yvonne Taylor

Reimagining the Business of Health Care

In the heart of Austin, six blocks separate Dell Medical School from the McCombs School of Business. The figurative distance between the schools is much shorter, with administrators and faculty on both sides committed to being partners.

BY Steve Brooks