October 2018

See how researchers, physicians and organizations are taking a person-centered approach to improve care and address health drivers.

Trauma-Informed Care for 800K+ Women Veterans

One in four women experience sexual trauma while in the military — and there are crucial gaps in the care they receive afterward. In partnership with Texas Health Journal, REthink explores how a psychologist-researcher is doing her part to support them.

BY Kathryn Lundstrom

Beyond Words: 5 Steps for Communicating Clearly

Communication, especially between a doctor and a patient, is built on trust. One surgeon shares advice on how to foster understanding in any setting.

BY David Ring

Expert to Expert: Karen DeSalvo & Mikelle Moore

The evidence is clear: Where and how you live affects your health significantly more than the medical care you receive. Hear from two national leaders about how systems are changing to tackle these social determinants of health.

BY Kimberly Berger