Past Issues

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December 2019

Physicians sitting around a table.

Learn about the next generation of health professionals and how a first-of-its-kind Department of Health Social Work reflects medicine’s need to see the whole person.

May 2019

Students use Dell Med’s Sectra to explore 3D anatomical renderings

Hear from former U.S. Surgeon Gen. Joycelyn Elders, Google Health’s David Feinberg and Sue Cox, chief architect of a new model for med ed making a name for itself in Austin.

February 2019

Chief surgical residents Brittany Bankhead-Kendall, Choyin Yvonne Chung and Pamela Daher.

Get to know some of the changemakers shaping health as part of Dell Med’s General Surgery Residency program and acceleration engine Texas Health Catalyst.

October 2018

Two images of the same female soldier, one in which she's looking up and another in which she's looking down.

See how researchers, physicians and organizations are taking a person-centered approach to improve care and address health drivers.

June 2018

A collage of four people's faces, each highlighted in a different color.

From new medical students to physician leaders with decades of experience, learn about how community-focused individuals are impacting the lives of Central Texans.

March 2018

MasSpec Pen analyzing tissue

View examples of how medicine is evolving — a cancer-detecting pen that’s 150 times faster than existing tech, a form of AI that can accurately identify tuberculosis — and meet innovators on the front lines of care.

January 2018

A light bulb taking off from the ground like a spaceship. Illustration.

In Austin, new approaches to care, research and health product innovation are making an impact. What's next? Read to find out.

November 2017

Student participates in Dell Med's "Discussing Serious News" training.

Teamwork: See how Austinites are helping Dell Med doctors-in-training learn to have tough conversations and how three University of Texas at Austin undergrads are increasing trauma resources on campus.

September 2017

The word bias in block letters of different colors.

Learn how to recognize and confront your own unconscious bias habits and explore what happens when students, not administrators, are asked to make a college campus a healthier place.

August 2017

A doctor administering care to a baby in NICU.

In this issue, see how collaboration is improving care for premature babies — about 10% of those born in the United States — and people experiencing knee pain who do not have quick access to a doctor.

June 2017

Chelsi West-Ohueri, Elizabeth Teisberg, Priscilla Hale and Neel Shah.

We know what happens when the health care system fails. But what happens when it works? We asked the experts about that and the challenge of addressing an ever-narrowing definition of "health care."

March 2017

Students study art at the Blanton Museum.

Good bedside manner starts with ... studying art? Explore the nontraditional way med schools are making future doctors better at observation, empathy and self-care; how physicians are reinventing brain care and habits of effective leaders.

October 2016

Researchers pointing to images on a screen.

Aiming to predict cancer, help children with pediatric epilepsy and incorporate design into health care — read on for more about how Dell Med is rethinking health care from the ground up.